Being a Nigerian in Nigeria..

Aaaaaaaaah!!!!! I really thought about this for days without end and I still haven’t found the right words to put out here,for me it’s a disaster living in Nigeria,like many other who are apparently in my shoes and feeling the pinch,this country feels like a ticking bomb waiting to explode,I can’t even begin to write about my feelings, I’m not even talking about rich/elite Nigerians, I’m sort of sure they have it going well for them ☺️☺️☺️

Every morning I wake up angry like why am I still here??? Wtf am I stressing myself like this?? Why am I not getting it?? Almost 70% of people in this shithole are filled with bad intentions whether directly or indirectly, people are mean to each other and yes we act like everything is so okay and behave like we are happy, we are so used to the harsh condition of living,we are very docile like a snake that just finished it’s dinner and just waiting for the next meal to crawl by, I don’t get mad anymore about what goes on in the news because I get deeply depressed and if I die of depression,my mom will just bury me and mourn but nobody will definitely give a rat’s ass..

Sometimes I think we are just a different breed of people,maybe we were cursed as a people and there’s no way for redemption, who gets comfortable with their chains??? I really don’t understand, maybe I’ll never understand, what do I know??? I’m just here ranting and getting worked up over the foolishness of people, when Nigerians are pushed to the wall,they don’t fight back, they only break the wall and keep moving..

It’s still lockdown,I’ll need to go watch some Korean dramas and movies just to keep my head out of the thick dark clouds hovering over my people, and probably think of way out, I’m done ranting 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Stay safe and healthy 💋💋💋💋💋


My Lockdown Rant!!

So I’m back again, it’s been 6 weeks now and I’m frustrated,irritated,tired and feeling like jelly 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩 I can’t even explain how I’m feeling at the moment, from waking up in the morning to going to bed late at night, it’s frustrating for me..

This lockdown has been really tiring but I’m making the most of it,reading, studying and more movies and music especially K-pop, please don’t say anything!!!! My mom and godmother are two old ladies (widows) who I live with,these women don’t give me the time of day,all they spend their time talking about is traveling, getting more money and more traveling and frustrate me to go and get married 😒😒😒😒😒😒

While my brother on the other hand acts like he’s the prince of the house,I’m so tired of those people in my house but I love them so much because they make my lockdown worth it,from laughing to cracking crazy sexual jokes all thanks to my two moms,I’ve been doing so much though to be happy and positive until yesterday when anybooks (app) decided to go crazy on by monetizing their app, my day was totally ruined because I’ve gotten so many books from that app now I can’t get any for free again 😭😣😣😫😭😫

Now I have two extra apps that I use for getting more books so that’s by the way, oh before I forget! Last weekend was a blast thanks to BTS bangbangcon via YouTube, the concert was so LIT!!!!!!

I really wish that this pandemic would cease and let everyone just return to their usual and normal life but I know that after all this nothing is going to be normal anymore😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔 I’m tired though,bye..

Stay safe and healthy

xoxoxo ❤️❤️❤️

What do you think?? Routine prüfung!

So I just realised that my daily routine has been quite in a cycle, something i never noticed but just while i was busy today,I just occurred to me that when I wake up,the first thing is i do is sit on my bed for like 20 to 30 minutes waiting for my brain and body to boot properly,then head straight to the kitchen and drink a 75cl of warm water..

Then go back to my room,brush my mouth and right back to the kitchen to prepare coffee,aigoooo!!!! I’m done, totally done 😂😂😂😂😂

It’s crazy but i love it, really can’t even go into details right now but as far as I’m concerned, I’m loving it!! I think the lockdown thingy has affected me in diverse ways which is a positive phase for me,trust me it’s a good thing but on a serious note,i can’t wait for this pandemic to disappear, it gets frustrating thinking about when it’s going to end..

I pray that affected families find peace,those who have lost loved ones,I get sad thinking about it but right now, it’s better to be strong, positive and safe at home,anyways I need to watch a movie so I’ll be out,much love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Gute Nacht!!!!



So I’m back but confused at the same time because I’ve been home for three weeks straight even before the corona virus scare,now I’m used to it since there’s a compulsory “sit at home order”.. it feels normal for me since I’m sort of an introvert..

I was pretty bored at first but I adjusted quickly, staying home isn’t something i dread at all, although I’ve limited my communication with friends not because I want to but I’m only doing it to stay sane,my godmother and mom called me a bore 😒😒😒

So I’m using my time to study graphic designing,watch Korean dramas and listen to kpop,yaaas!!! I love kpop and please don’t ask me why, oh suho from EXO just released a mini album and it’s beautiful, can’t even explain the feeling I got from listening to his songs and Jackson Wang’s new songs too ❤️❤️❤️🎶🎶

I’m actually having a really good quiet time with myself, reflecting… it’s quite tough been by yourself but it’s sometimes good for your sanity…aaaaah!!!!! So I’ll go back to listening to my kpop, stay home,stay healthy and stay safe,much love from me to you..ciao!!

돌보다 ❤️❤️❤️❤️

My dating Chronicles

So recently I was advised by a friend to register on a dating site since my last blind date didn’t turn out so well,although i had given up but with recent pestering and frequent bugging,I gave it another trial with the online thingy, filled the whole form and uploaded my pictures after a few days,I opened the app and I was totally confused..

The messages were a lot,I was totally confused so I decided to read them one after the other, recipients were mostly Turkish, Chinese, Ukrainian, American,German and my fellow Nigerian men..Nigerian men pretending to be white men,I’ll go into that some other time,truth is I was totally overwhelmed and scared..

For a lady who’s in her 30s, it’s challenging because I get bored so easily with the opposite sex,I still can’t find a reason why it’s like that and seriously I don’t intend to, my interest rate goes from 100 to 0 in minutes,I pick out little details and get uncomfortable,upset and just move here I am sipping my tea and thinking how and why it’s so hard to getting a man,it looks as if my standards has rapidly grown and that isn’t my doing,I actually fear that I may not settle down just in time..

My mom on the other hand hasn’t been smiley about it,for a typical Nigerian mom who has a daughter in her 30s living under her roof,it’s gives her some sort of concern and when I laugh about it she goes like “boma,don’t you want to give me grandkids?? Mom you have grandkids from my sister,please chill!!!

But for me,I’ll keep smiling and blogging basically about every shit that goes on with me,for all my unmarried sisters, please don’t be in a haste,don’t let the society make you think that you aren’t marriage material,don’t let it burden you into depression,enjoy your single life while it lasts,stay positive,be happy, travel,smile flirtatiously…

Ciao 💋💋💋💋

Difficulty in learning new languages online..

So about 4 years ago I was really interested in the Korean language/ culture/food, I was so happy about it,I started watched Korean dramas and listening to kpop even watching YouTube videos but after few months I sort of lost interest because I wasn’t going to be speaking the language to myself, if I had someone else who spoke the language, I’m sure that by now I would have been fluent in the language..

Although I’m still interested in starting it up again but I’m caught up with so much on my mind, downloaded apps like memrise,babbel and others but I haven’t found a suitable language app where I can really take my time to learn, I’ve 24 hours daily and sometimes i think it isn’t even enough for me, I enjoy learning new languages just for the fun of it but right now going to be learning new languages to upgrade my skills.

So I’m just going to keep trying at it even though it’s most difficult learning a language via apps and all,a physical class would go a long way for me, anyways I’m going to keep y’all on the loop,let’s see what happens by August ending, ciao!❤️❤️

Domestic violence!!

So this morning while scrolling down my Twitter timeline,I came across a story about a young mother of three was beaten to death by her husband, I read the story over and over again,my heart broke while reading it,I thought about her kids and her family..

But then something caught my attention while reading it,the woman’s sister said her parents knew about the abuse but my question is why would parents ask their own child to go back to an abusive husband,I still don’t get it,I can’t wrap my head around it..

I’ll always say it,if you ever notice that your partner (man/woman) is constantly abusive (verbally, physically, mentally) those are red flags, pack your shit and LEAVE!!

No one deserves to be in that toxic situation,the trauma that follows is really devastating,there are some people that are being abused but feel it’s normal because they are in denial,they become so comfortable with it and lose all their self esteem,hope and confidence..

I just hope that the woman’s family find peace and solace 💔💔💔

xoxoxo 😔😔😔

African parents vs Tattoos

So my little brother gave me the title for this write since I ran out of ideas 😂😂 so let’s get right to it..

The very first time I got my tattoo was about 7 years ago when I was away from home for about a year since I needed to be on my own and explore the world on my dad,I only did it to rebel against dad who always said I wouldn’t survive living on my own,anyways i survived,made my own decisions and got a tattoo (a butterfly to represent my freedom☺️☺️)

So when I finally went back home,mom and dad saw my tattoo,mom freaked out telling me how a child of God wasn’t supposed to get any sort of markings on their bodies,dad on the other hand just smiled and said nothing..

Fast forward to the people in my “church” who looked at me like I’ve been possessed but who gives a flying fuck about that,Nah!! Not me!!

I hate the fact there’s this discrimination with getting tattoos,and stupid questions of who’s going to marry a girl who has tattoos?? How a responsible girl shouldn’t be getting tattoos 🙄🙄🙄 like come on!! How it’s unafrican to get tattoos,that’s like total gibberish..

I love my individuality so much,I love body art, tattoos and piercings,it doesn’t mean that I’m irresponsible,I’ve seen and met some of the best people with tattoos and all but it doesn’t mean they are irresponsible 🙄🙄

Anyways enough of my rants,i’m done for today 😂😂😂😂😂

Ciao 💋💋💋❤️❤️❤️

Post new year feelings!!

Wow!!it’s been a while I wrote anything,last year was alright although I wouldn’t say it was smooth,I had my challenges,I lost some friends and gained some which I’m super thankful for…

Taking a break was a plus for me since I had to put some of my thoughts in perspective,it was tough but I just had to get on with it,the break was worth it and coming back home was a different ball game..

So fast forward to Jan 1st,2020,I thought that I could start something fresh with him but it turned out to be the most fucked up decision and mistake I could ever make hence the new year was fucked apart from the sex but I’m way past it now,moved on like I should have..

So right now I’m single but I’m not searching rather I’m finding myself in a positive and spiritual way, working my way carefully because no mistakes are allowed to be made,I’m hoping that in the next six months I would have something great to share..

That’s all for today!!

Ciao 💋💋💋

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