Girls…. Well, that’s in the words of Beyoncé but we all know that’s not true. We appreciate the girl spirit though Queen Bey! Do I think women run the world? Absolutely not, we do not. Would I love it if women ran the world, absolutely, I would and we could. The power a woman has… Continue reading WHO RUNS THE WORLD?

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Loud thoughts..

So lately I’ve been going through a lot,that’s the reason I haven’t had any thought of writing, sometimes I just lose the motivation to do anything.. Imagine waking up and thinking how to finalize your divorce, how to complete that online course,how to relocate to another country because your country has gone to shit,how to… Continue reading Loud thoughts..


My mind keeps running around in circles, I’ve been going crazy lately,feels like I’m stuck in a time and it’s really driving me crazy..I’m so stuck!!🤦‍♀️ I really don’t know how to organize my life right now(career,relationship, family,friendships) but it seems as if I’ve gotten to a place in my life where I don’t care… Continue reading !!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday Rants!

It’s the second week of January and it feels as if January loves moving at snail pace but I’m still thankful, I really don’t know what to write this morning but it’s obvious that people are dying of the Corona virus here in Nigeria and it feels as if the government is dormant and quiet,I’m… Continue reading Monday Rants!

It’s New year!!!

Shit!!!! It’s been a loooooooong time since I last came here,i was feeling down,tired and stressed..I’m so happy that 2020 is over,that year was filled with bad news back to back,I mean we had no breaks whatsoever and that’s was freaking depressing… I feel so happy today that I finally left 2020 behind,I survived!!! I… Continue reading It’s New year!!!

Thoughtless thoughts

I saw a phrase this morning that said love is a miracle and I had so many thoughts running through my mind,I haven’t thought about love in a very long while because waking up every morning to the same old random routine feels draining and mentally stressful,seeing my mother’s face every morning when I open… Continue reading Thoughtless thoughts


Some days I’m happy,some days I’m super moody,some days I hate myself,some days I feel like I’m a little bit useless,but today happens to be a happy day for me,I have no reason for being happy though